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The Benefits of New Glazing

Reduces noise

Double glazing reduces noise for a quieter home. Good quality double glazing can reduce outside noise by up to 60%.

Increases home value

Double glazing is an excellent way to add value to your home. Prospective purchasers can see that the home has been well looked after, insulated and removes the bargaining point that ‘the Glazing needs replacing’. Modern designs can also make a house stand out from the crowd on the housing market.


Double glazing is a great way to increase a property’s insulation, with up to 70% of housing heat lost through single-glazed and degrading windows. Modern double glazing also helps capture and store a larger percentage of the sun’s energy for natural heat. As there is less need for heating systems, it can help to bring down energy usage, saving on your power bills and helping the environment.


A modern window is designed not only to insulate the house by keeping the warm air in, but also functions to reflect the sun’s rays which can overheat the house.

Increased security

Discourage intruders. New locks and interior beading make it more difficult for intruders to break in through double glazed windows and doors, especially if you have laminated or toughened glass.

Reduces condensation

Condensation can cause many problems in the home particularly in older homes, with problems such as mould and mildew. Double glazing works to reduce excess moisture on your window panes. We can also apply trickle vents to windows meaning there is a flow of air to the house without having to keep the windows open

All our work is FENSA certified and comes with an insurance backed guarantee.